Available courses

Basic Accounting

Start here! This free online finance course assumes no prior knowledge.

  • Visualise accounting transactions and balances using interactive models of water pipes and tanks
  • Develop an intuitive understanding of the basic principles of accounting
  • Gain familiarity with financial terminology and analyse basic financial statements
Clock icon ~ 3 hours

Coins icon Free!

Cash and Working Capital

This course continues from the Basic Accounting course.

  • Use a set of business simulation models to explore the operating cycle
  • Understand the importance of working capital management
  • Develop an intuitive understanding of the hidden links between profit, cashflow and balances

Clock Icon ~ 2 hours

Capital and Funding

This course continues from the Cash & Working Capital course.

  • Explore more advanced concepts such as fixed and intangible assets
  • Understand how businesses are funded through a mixture of share and loan capital
  • Evaluate different sources of business funding
Clock icon ~ 2 hours
Market Dynamics

This course continues from the Capital & Funding course.

  • Explore how revenue and profit generation are affected by pricing decisions and market sensitivity
  • Understand how companies try to affect their markets through differentiation and advertising
  • Run a virtual business with the goal of generating profit and paying dividends to shareholders

Clock icon~ 3 hours

CIMA Certificate in Business & Accounting Dynamics

This is an online assessment covering the content of all 4 courses.

  • Gain a recognised financial qualification from the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants
  • Demonstrate your prowess in core topics in business, accounting and economics
  • Take the assessment online and receive the certificate upon passing (1 resit is included if necessary)

Clock icon 45 minutes

Coins icon £50