Available courses

Basic Accounting

Start here. This free online finance course assumes no prior knowledge. You will use a set of business simulation models to develop an intuitive understanding of the basic principles underpinning accounting. You will also analyse financial statements, explore the importance of working capital management and discover the hidden links between profit, cashflow and the balance sheet.

Business & Accounting Dynamics

This course continues from Basic Accounting. Learn more advanced financial concepts such as fixed and intangible assets and how to evaluate sources of funding. Explore the financial variables within a company's control, such as product pricing, cost and marketing spend, and put it all together by running a virtual business in the simulation challenge.

CIMA Certificate in Business & Accounting Dynamics

The assessment for the CIMA Certificate in Business and Accounting Dynamics. The syllabus is made up of the Basic Accounting and Accounting Dynamics courses. The certificate is included for successful candidates.